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"I started training with Kirsty this year and had next to no experience in exercising or any confidence that I’d be able to stick to a workout routine. Six months down the line, I’m delighted to say my confidence in my ability to consistently exercise and achieve visible results has sky rocketed. Her can-do approach has transformed my perspective on exercise and I now feel more fit/healthy than ever before. 10/10 would recommend her!"

"Kirsty, has not only improved my physical strength through synchronised ice skating but also my mental strength and mobility. She single handedly made me a better athlete".

"Kirsty is an amazing trainer.  
She is incredibly passionate about what she does and having a figure skating background knows exactly what it is us athletes need in order to achieve our full potential.  Kirsty always makes work outs enjoyable but also challenging.  I feel like my strength and stamina have improved tremendously since having regular work outs with Kirsty, not simply through her work outs but her positive mindset and continuous support helps me keep going even when I think I can’t do something she believes in me.  I would definitely recommend Kirsty to anyone who is ready to work hard and make positive changes to their life as she has the knowledge and determination to help you achieve your goals".


"Kirsty has been my PT for almost 2 months now and I've noticed a huge difference in my strength and general mobility. One of my biggest concerns was doing things wrong in terms of form, but Kirsty is great at pinpointing when form is wrong and correcting you within seconds.

She also changes my sessions up from the workout plans she sends to me which is great as it stops me overthinking what's next to come! I'm so glad I made the decision to go ahead with her!

Thanks Kirsty!"

"I’ve been training with Kirsty for 5 weeks now and have loved every session!

She is so knowledgeable, can adjust my technique in the space of a second and we have fun while training which is so important!

Her support is incredible and positivity is contagious! Every time I see her, even outside of our 1:1s, she checks how I’m getting on with my programme and sessions. Thanks Kirsty!!!"

"I would recommend Kirsty as she is lovely and makes you feel comfortable. She pushes you and gives encouragement when she knows you can do

it so you don’t give up!"

"Kirsty has been helping us get fit for a year or so and I can highly recommend her Services she is Bright Fresh and very Professional. Considerate to your needs and very helpful to what you can and cant do.Perfect for us 100% Recommend"

"I trained with Kirsty and after telling her my goals she gave me a clear realistic outline on what I would need to do to obtain them. I received a daily workout routine and dietary recommendations that where specifically catered to me and my lifestyle. By having weekly reviews and in person sessions with Kirsty I was able to stay me motivated and not feel disheartened".

"Kirsty is an excellent PT instructor who I have got back to working with over the last few months. Even though it’s virtual it’s still challenging. Kirsty knows my limits and is always adjusting the workout as appropriate. She is very friendly and supportive and always gives encouragement.

I have started to tone up as a result of working with Kirsty and I would recommend her do what are you waiting for !"

"Kirsty has been training myself and 2 of my friends for a few months. We started with 1 session a week and have now increased to 2. She has pushed us far enough to make a difference (without killing us). Most importantly, we are actually enjoying our training and look forward to it!"

"After years of not training Kirsty is definitely pushing me to get back in shape. She knows her stuff!"

"Absolutely brilliant... so happy with the results!"

"Helped me so much on my core and building up my bum amazing sessions!"

"I started training with Kirsty officially last summer .

Though I previously trained with her on our skating team. It’s with the same enthusiasm, effort and fun that she had then that makes my workouts and my workout experience so effective now.

I love my set program which includes home workout days as well as gym workouts so there’s a lot of versatility with the soul intention of working for me . As well as this , Kirsty creates an atmosphere where I’m comfortable to have a giggle while also doing the work I need to do , be it burpees , sprints or Russian twists . I have notices result already and look forward to seeing more on my journey , with her help"

"Having started sessions with Kirsty in January, my confidence and fitness have come on leaps and bounds! She takes you on your own tailored fitness journey at your own pace and provides you with fantastic motivation along the way! Couldn't recommend highly enough!"

"Kirsty trained both me and my sister and built up our confidence with really enjoyable sessions!"

"I’ve been training with Kirsty for just over a month now, I done one gym session with her then this virus happened so been doing online couching. I couldn’t recommend her enough, she has helped me out so much and been pushing me to reach my goal, she is an amazing person and has been there if I need any help or questions. Her workouts are a killer but I love that. She’s always checking in on me to make sure I’m on track and that everything is okay xx"

"Kirsty is very knowledgeable and makes every session varied and interesting. I can really notice the difference in my fitness levels already!!!"

"Kirsty is an amazing trainer

She worked really hard with me when I asked for quick results, and all her sessions were fun"

"I love having Kirsty as my PT she always has the best exercises and she always makes them fun especially with music to go along with it. When I hurt my knee she helped me strengthen it and always gives me exercises that help my knee but doesn't hurt my knee. Thank you Kirsty"

"Would defo recommend Kirsty! I have her weekly for off ice training sessions and she is very hard working and pre plans all her sessions, Kirsty is also very flexible to these sessions as she targets what we want to do and even joins in on most of the exercises which I love! Kirsty is so friendly and patient and overall has such a good work ethic, you can tell she truly loves what she does!"

"Kirsty is an incredible personal trainer. My stamina and strength have drastically improved and Kirsty makes working out so much fun, so I really enjoy it"

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