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Kirsten Bennett is a respectable, professional and engaging Online Coach, Personal Trainer and Pro Athletic Coach based in the UK. She has helped competitive British sports teams with nutrition and personal training. Her knowledge and charisma has helped to change the lives of numerous people.

Kirsten has an impressive range of knowledge as a Fitness enthusiast and Nutritional coach and her expert online coaching options provide a quick, healthy and comfortable way to ensure all clients achieve their goals in the most effective way.

She has an impressive sports background competing as a GB National and International athlete, winning titles such as British Champion and winning numerous medals from around the world.

Kirsten Bennett

'The body achieves what the mind believes'


As part of my coaching team, you are firstly encouraged to love yourself the way you are as happiness lives on the inside of us. Whatever comes next is up to you, whether it's to lose weight, tone up, build muscle or gain strength, I am confident in my ability to help you improve your lifestyle and make the right changes you need, to achieve what you've always wanted. 

Help me to help you. Enquire today to change your life! x


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Michelle O'Connell

Kirsty is very knowledgeable and makes every session varied and interesting. I can really notice the difference in my fitness levels already!!!


Karen Solomon

Kirsty has been training myself and 2 of my friends for a few months. We started with 1 session a week and have now increased to 2. She has pushed us far enough to make a difference (without killing us). Most importantly, we are actually enjoying our training and look forward to it!


Jay Hanson

Kirsty is an excellent PT instructor who I have got back to working with over the last few months. Even though it’s virtual it’s still challenging. Kirsty knows my limits and is always adjusting the workout as appropriate. She is very friendly and supportive and always gives encouragement.

I have started to tone up as a result of working with Kirsty and I would recommend her do what are you waiting for !

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